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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sushiboy, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    iPhone 3G (Black)
    I got my 32GB last nite. Opened it up and it already has the January apps, and the firmware is 1.1.3. After that I hooked it up to my iTunes, ALT + click Update and updated to 1.1.4 (after which I ZiPhone'd the thing). No problems whatsoever, everything works like it should: wiggles, apps.. everything.

    Now here comes the sad part. I was syncing it to iTunes version 7.6.1 (9), music sycned well. The iCal and all that stuff on the last tab synced okay as well. When I was syncing movies and tv shows, even though I choose "Sync ALL [movies / tv shows]" watched or not, some goes to the iPod, others won't. I tried removing everything in my iPod (movies, calendars, music) to retry it but still no avail. I don't want to do a full restore since it's very tiring modifying my iPod Touch to my liking, with all them Summerboard/Customize stuff. Is anybody having the same syncing issue as well? Can anybody share some tips/help?

    And one more thing, in case I have no more choice but to restore, is there any way I can get my January apps again without using the Installer repos (I want the ones that came with the iPod)?

    Thanks for any help I could get.

    on a Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.2
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    I'm pretty sure u had to RESTORE to 1.1.4, zibri said that clears up most problems. U'll have to resync everything, and u might lose the january pack, but that's okay if your gonna jailbreak again, cause they have the apps in installer.

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