ipod touch/itunes issues.

Discussion in 'General Apple Chat' started by jonwilson1988, Aug 16, 2008.

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    ok. I has a little problem and would like some help suggestions ect. You are all good at this.

    My ipod touch since before 2.0 has had issues with my PC, in the beginning my PC didnt like it and wouldnt sync it. These were resolved at one point but since 2.0 have come back with avengence. my windows itunes crashes and has the "not responding" thing come up in task manager. But when i plug it into my macbook it works fine.

    Now there are more pros than cons to syncing my ipot through my mac, eg. iCal address book and other apps that can easily sync with itunes. the only downside is my 80gb harddrive and 25gb of music that would take up a massive chunk of it.

    I think the solution to my problems would be having a shared drive, this gives me a brilliant excuse to buy time capsule and use the wireless drive on that to share music between my PC/Mac and update to the ipod.

    However this is where my problem begins. iTunes doenst have a "Watch folder" feature. This would mean that any changes id make to the folders on either computer would mean id have to make the changes on the other one through itunes.

    is there any 3rd party plugins for itunes that could help?
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    2G iPod touch
    Make an automator routine that runs to add the folder's contents at midnight every night? This is an odd request lol

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