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    I have the Ipod integration kit fitted in the car (VW Golf 57 Plate UK) as an optional extra . This device worked perfectly using the Ipod Nano that I had, however I changed the Ipod to the Ipod touch which also worked no problem. However I did need to purchase a passport device to charge this in the car.

    Within the last 2 weeks this started to randomly play the first 30 seconds of tracks and was continually jumping from track to track. I did the obvious thing and reset the Ipod completely following the recommendation of Apple.

    The in car integration device does not recognise the device at all and when connected the following messages appear on the car radio ‘’no CD’’ & no CDC’’

    I have inserted a Cd and this plays the Cd no problem however I keep getting these messages on the radio display when the ipod touch is connected. The battery charge indication does not even show on the ipod display.

    I have read however that the fault maybe within the radio itself going by the symptoms that I had prior to the device mot working, randomly playing beginning of tracks. It further explains that this problem maybe due to a pre amp problem within the radio \VW Blaupunkt RDS300.

    Does anyone have any idea's as this is really annoying.

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