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    so, my itouch is jailbroken already, but its only at 2.0.2. i want to upgrade it to 2.2.1. the problem is, my home button on my itouch isn't working. it kinda crapped out on me a few months back, but i figured it wasn't that big of a deal. i don't think i have a warranty on it, especially since i replaced the back with one of darkpod's one.

    so the question is: is it still possible to jailbreak the itouch without the home button?

    if its not, is there some way to fix the home button? it worked for a while, then i had to start pressing the home button a couple times before it'd work, and shortly after that happened the home button just decided to not work anymore. do you think that sounds like a software or a hardware condition? hardware most likely, right? if it is a hardware condition, is there a how to guide to replace the home button?
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    bump for help. if nobody can provide an answer, send me a link to a post that answers this question please!

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