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    3G iPod touch
    Hi Guys
    I really need some expert help with my 8gb ipod touch.
    I recently travelled to philadelphia in the states and took my ipod touch with me when i got round to switching on my ipod it had gone back to the pluggin itunes screen (the screen you get when you first buy it that won't let you use it till you accessed itunes) so i used the hotels computer and downloaded itunes onto it i plugged in my ipod in usb port and my normal screen came on upon inspection i found later the app store had changed and i couldnt download anything? And it was all in u.s currency as well i thought i'd wait till i got home then once i plugged it into a uk itunes it would go back to uk! i have done that and it hasn't gone back if i try to sign in it says i have the wrong password or i cannot get on at this time and tells me to go to itunes, Also when ur in the app screen an scroll down normally your email address is at the bottom mine now says 'No Account'
    please please help i love my ipod and want it to work again
    Thanks for your time

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    The language/country is set at u.k and i've been back a week and don't have a clue what to try now

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