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    OK, so Wednesday night i replaced my digitizer. Everything went really smooth and when i turned my ipod back on it worked perfectly. there was only one small glitch in the replacement, when i was removing the battery, i knocked a small copperish sideways M looking thing off its circuit board above the battery next to the wifi area. When i did this it rendered the sleep/wake button useless

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    . So i was using my ipod again ( everything was working just as it was before ) I downloaded quicklock from cydia in hopes to be able to lock my ipod with a touch without having to go inot SB settings everytime i wanted to lock my ipod. I tryed out quicklock and it didnt work, after 3 reinstalls and removals i gave up. After about 10 more minutes of going through cydia my ipod just turned off. To turn it back on i had to plug into a power supply (not a big deal for me). This is when it all started. My ipod refused to boot completely up. Just stayed at the apple logo for about 5 minutes then turned off. I had to plug it into a ihome, then into the computer to get it to even turn on. So i thought that was just a one time glitch, I was wrong, horribly wrong. So I used my ipod for 5 minutes then it turned off. And i had to re sync it to the computer. I decided to upgrade to 3.0 in attempts to fix anything. Epic fail. Everytime i went to download the software to the ipod it would turn off then back on mid sync. So after about 15 tries i got it to work. As i got my ipod all hooked up for 3.0 it was still randomly shutting off. Then after a day. It wouldnt turn on at all. After 3 hours of constant attempts to get it working i finally got it to stay at the home screen for exactly 9 minutes and 30 seconds and then it shuts off. Then turns right back on. I refuse to disconnect it from my computer, becuase i plan to take it to a local apple repair store.

    Now, with that all said and done. I need some input here. Could this problem all caused by the one small peice i knocked out? Or could this be something much deeper in my ipod. Please, i am so desperate for help. I need my ipod in 2 weeks for a 17 hour drive.

    Also, whenever my ipod is plugged into my computer... Its battery level is ALWAYS 0% ( this is after the problems started happening, not right after the digitizer replacement. ) BUT when i disconnect it, the battery will goto random #'s such as 100%, 95%, 50%, 0%, and others.

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