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    Hello: I'm new to the forum, so my apologies in advance if I'm repeating a common question.

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    I've been playing a game that is l-o-n-g (Wordislands) and it locked up (the game locked up, not my Ipod). Since it is a non-linear game (aren't they all?), I figure if I could restore its status as of the last backup, I would at least not have to start over from the beginning.

    Things I have: (1) last night's backup, (2) copy of last night's backup, (3) the exact files I need from the backup in a separate folder on my PC (from Iphonebackupextractor).

    It seems to me that the easiest (i.e. least disruptive to other files) thing to do would be for me to replace the relevant files on the Ipod with the exported files from the backup. However, in order to do that, I need to be able to see the Ipod's directory structure, which I can't. I've tried using DiskAid, but can't see the entire structure; only a few applications.

    Another thing I've thought of is to simply restore my ipod from last night's backup. However, the only info I've found on how to do that from poking around the net is to reset my ipod and then restore. I'm hesitant to do that unless I'll be able to recover the current status of all my applictions -- I don't want to lose everything trying to get one game back.

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    just restore the backup unless you want to be realy technical id say?

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