iPod Touch + Desktop (w/o Internet) = Desktop w/ Internet.

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    So if you're like me, and have an extra desktop you might like this.

    So basically my bro has his desktop plugged into the router and the other stuff you need to connect to internet. So I cannot plug the extra desktop into it, without having to be in his room. I use wireless network with LinkSYS for my Laptop and then the iPod Touch I use runs off the wifi.

    Though a desktop won't get wifi unless you have whatever it is you need.

    So basically here is how to use your iPod Touch (or iPhone) and get internet on desktop. Must have Wifi or (i think) iPhone Internet.

    You will want unlimited data on iPhone internet.

    Download PDAnet on iPhone (cydia app idk the repo, if you know post it.)
    It will tell you to go to:


    Download that, and you will need iTunes (newest)

    If you don't have internet on this desktop, you will need to use a "junk drive" and download the files on another pc and transfer them to your PC.

    itunes or the PDAnet do not require internet to install so this is possible.
    Once you have iTunes installed you can install the PDAnet.
    Open the PDAnet app on iPhone and it should start working.

    Want to continue browsing? You can use backgrounder. (It might still run if you just close the app, but idk about that. Post results.)

    This has probably been posted before, but oh well.

    - have a desktop not connected to internet.
    - Get PDAnet from Cydia
    - Download PDAnet on desktop from site.
    - have itunes installed
    - Open PDAnet app on iphone or ipod touch.
    - Run internet browser on desktop.

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