Ipod Touch Crashes After installing XYZ.app - Solutions?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Zebbie, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I'm a fairly new Touch user, and as you, i've repeatedly broken my iPod ;-)

    I was going to list my solutions and what I *think* broke it from installing apps.

    I only found a few threads that could help me, but they were enough at the time.

    (Some of this is telling most users to suck eggs, but I might as well include it)

    Until you stop installing random apps, i strongly suggest making sure SSH is always running, as it can make the difference between having to start from scratch and restore firmware, jailbreak etc, which for me seems to take a couple of hours.... (1.1.1 to 1.1.3 JB)

    (And change your password! - Just don't do it using passwd in 1.1.3 - !! )

    For those of you who don't know what the ipod's IP is on the wireless, and you have a PC on the same network, grab a copy of a freeware program called Look@LAN.

    This program monitors your local network, and lists the IP addresses of all devices connected.

    Download from here: http://www.lookatlan.com/download_lal.html

    Of course WinSCP is needed. (If you don't have it, google is your friend...)

    Putty is also useful. With WinSCP, you can launch a proper terminal. With the majority of fixes so far, WinSCP is enough to issue single commands.


    ok, onto my quick fixes....... (This will grow as I find more, and if anyone can add to the thread, that would be good!!)

    There are plenty of threads about connecting to the iPod - Just search these forums!

    These fixes/problems are on 1.1.3......

    Important: Make sure you have a backup copy of N45AP.plist

    You can find it in:


    This file has saved me a few times!!!


    No Icons visible on Springboard after using categories:

    This is usually a corrupted N45 file, and the author of springboard recommends replacing this with an original, but also keeping the broken one, and sending it to him!

    Replace the N45 file with your carefully stored backup ;-)

    Reboot using the console, or the power button


    Ipod is stuck on Apple Logo screen, and after a while, the loading indicator keeps on going round in circles, with a noise every so often:

    This is springboard (in my case) crashing at startup, and then attempting to relaunch it repeatedly.

    Initially, the Ipod is not contactable with WinSCP - but when the loading indicator is shown, you can.

    Replacing the N45AP file worked again - but I then had to manually launch installer from a putty terminal to reinstall categories. (I had deleted categories earlier in trying to fix this) - Something when installing, must have corrupted the N45 file

    Be aware that in my case, the iPod attempted to launch springboard about 10 times, and then would either restart or freeze.

    I would then loose communications until the iPod had restarted to the point of trying to load Springboard again.

    If you're patient, you can work on the iPod in those limited time slots.


    ok, that's it for me moment... I'll add some more later.....

    Edit : What looks like a usefull app, from iSpazio - backup thy iPod!


    Don't worry - the app is in English, and very easy to use!

    I have no idea how well it'll work, but worth a try!

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