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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by TSSPat, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Hey guys, im upgrading my sound system in my Mazda Protege 5.
    heres a picture of set-up at the time of post.

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    So heres how its set up.

    Pioneer Deck with an external LCD monitor.

    The LCD monitor has two video ins, one is hooked up to my PS2, and with the second i want to hook up my iPod Touch to it.

    After thinking about the setup for a week straight i have thought of three possible options on how to do this.

    Version 1:
    Now here is my thinking, i need a new Deck with multiple RCA in, one for my PS2, and one for my Ipod Touch. All i need is a Ipod Composite Cable to hook the Touch up to the car audio through the deck, and the LCD monitor through the Video In. Also with the Composite cable i can hook the USB up to my car adapter to charge the Ipod at the same time.

    Version 2: (which im not sure will work :S)
    Buy a new "Ipod Ready" decks, with the Ipod integration and all that jazz, (you know what im talking about, the ipod-like scroll menus, albums art, etc.) The deck would also need a Video Out port to run to the external LCD monitor. Now this would be a more attractive option since id have interaction with my Deck as well as the LCD.

    Version 3: (sorta a hybrid of #1 and #2, dont know if this will work)
    So then i had this idea. Why not buy the Composite cable, and just plug it into a "Ipod Ready" car deck, this way the deck doesnt need a Video Out (which is pretty rare in non-dvd decks) and at the same time have control over my Ipod through my deck. This would be the best option if i could do it.

    Composite Cable (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB129LL/A)

    So, does anyone know if this is possible, (Version 2 or 3)? Can you suggest any Decks for me to check out? I appreciate any and all help.


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