iOS 4.0 iPod Touch 8GB 3rd gen issues...

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Zagalar, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Okay, so I updated to iOS 4 today, (jailed, because 3.1.3 was done with Spirit... =/) and i am having A LOT of problems with EVERYTHING. Ive got an 8GB late 2009 MC-model iPod touch, and heres a list of some of the problems:

    1) WiFi

    When I hold the device with one hand, and have 4 fingers on left, and thumb on right, with palm resting on the steel on the back, It goes from 3 bars to one, and 54 Mbit/s to 1-4 Mbit/s. holding it ANY OTHER WAY is fine. Didn't have this problem at all before....

    2) Locking

    When I LOCK the device, it seems to disable ALL the external controls for about about 5 seconds, then registers EVERY button pressed during the time-frame. If I'm listening to music, I will press the Vol + button a few times... then a few more.... then a lot more, because it doesn't register. THEN it will register them ALL and blast the volume to a point unbearable to even have headphones in.

    3) Unlocking

    When I press the unlock button, it will sit for a few seconds, blank screen, then it will power up the screen. Will sometimes take 10 seconds+ if I'm listening to music. Then I slide the slider, to have it lag for a few MORE seconds, then finally display the passcode entry, which itself lags, then after complete, will continue to idle for about a second, then unlock.

    4) Compatibility/USB

    Not sure if it's hardware or software, but when i plug it into either my dock, or USB, it wont register its been plugged into anything for a good 5 minutes. It NEVER did this at 3.1.3....

    So far thats a few of the major things.

    Anybody else with these problems though? It's really starting to get annoying, and making me consider selling the thing.

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    The unlocking and locking problems happen to me too. I really hope this gets fixed in 4.1.

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