ipod Touch 4tg Gen build quality: kinda disappointed a little bit

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nascarhappyfan, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Hi folks, so I picked up my brand new shiny iPod Touch at my local best Buy at Sept. 12 I was sooooo lucky because it was THE LAST iPod Touch 4th gen that they had in stock! I arrived home, unboxed it, it was Amazing!!! After, I decided to look at it, to see all the details of it's body (Apple always was good at build quality) and suddenly, I noticed a few things. There is a little residue of glue stuck between screen and the thin plastic bezel (and no, it's not dust), and there was a little bit of glue on the chrome housing, near the sleep/wake button. It doesn't affect my iPod's productivity (iPod doesn't overheat or has light leaks, etc) but it's still annoying! So guys, before you buy stuff, look at it the best you can, each detail is important! Lol, the guy at Best Buy, in the iPod department, didn't even let me see it. So I'm going to exchange it ASAP, by the way, my case is unique, it's like 1 of 1000 iPods can be like that, so no worries

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    of course he wouldn't. How does he know you wont run off with the product? Its the same with the video games in lockup. You are not going to be able to hold it till after its paid.

    So going back to your first point, I'm not sure how someone can check out a product before you buy it with out opening it and being tackled by AP.

    You just have to trust that its alright.

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