iOS 4.0 iPod Touch 4.0 Firmware Review

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by NissanNut, May 3, 2010.

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    • Flaming and/or trolling

    If you are planning on updating early, search iphone os 4.0 on ebay so your ipod will be able to run it. - Trust me is sucks though.

    As of April 8th
    450,000 iPads were sold
    600,000 iBooks
    3.5 million iPad apps.
    4 billion regular

    Apple Has:
    185,000 App Store
    3500 iPad apps
    85 million iPods and iPhones bought.
    Mobile Safari takes 64% of the mobile browser cake.

    There will be 1500 new API's

    Many of the 100 new features
    iPod Out
    Bluetooth keyboards
    5X digital zoom (camera)
    home screen wallpaper! (change lock screen, homescreen, or both)
    MULTITASKING (double-click home button to use) Here's how it works. You can have MORE THAN 4 apps in the background. To keep your device from slowing, every developer can choose which aspects of their app to background. Therefore, the whole app isn't backgrounded: just main parts of the app. NOT FOR 2G iPod, 3G iPhone. Can work in beta 1 by editing one option in a file.
    -Background audio
    -Voice-over (VoIP)
    -GPS in the background
    -Push - (After 9 months, they've pushed over 10 billion notifications)
    -Local Notifications
    -Task Completion - finish task in background
    -Fast App Switching
    Unified Inbox
    Folders - instead of 180 apps, 2160 apps
    iBooks Store for iPhone/touch
    Enterprise - Even better data protection & much more.
    Game Center - A giant Apple-made social gaming center
    iAds (up to 1 billion i ad impressions/day)
    Spell Check
    Call data only setting
    Persistent Wifi
    Gift apps
    Rotate Photos
    Birthday Calendar
    Recent web searches
    Create playlists
    Top hit in search
    Sync IMAP notes
    Nested playlists
    Tap to focus video
    Upload workouts to Nike+
    Places in photos
    People in photos
    Search SMS/MMS messages
    Wake on wireless
    File & Diles Mail search results
    Edit from outbox ?
    Web search suggestions
    Choose image size in Mail messages
    CalDAV invitations
    Larger fonts for Mail, SMS, Alerts
    Removed the "Rate before delete" popup for apps
    Alphanumeric Passcodes (letters and numbers in passcode)
    Refined iPod app w/landscape and art in album view
    Spotlight search includes Web and Wikipedia
    New streamlined contact screen
    Borderless document view
    Email threading
    Location services indicator (arrow on status bar)
    Icon revisions
    Process Kill
    Accessibility options refined
    Braille connection
    Push shows '!' in folders
    Complete YouTube video rotation (except upside-down)
    Video viewing directly on the Safari page
    Spotlight dock
    Keyboard Layouts
    Note Syncing
    Failed SMS Notification
    Smart Links For Dates and Addresses in Emails

    New .app files ive noticed
    Game Center
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    already a thread on this
  3. Jelly

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    iPhone 5S
    So basically, you copy and pasted information I managed to put together from different sources from my thread. Into this thread. Then posted a link to your video where you literally listed everything from my list. Even in the description of the vid, you copy and pasted all the info from my list.

    I love how I worked hard on it, yet you manage to take credit for some crappy video you made based on everything I posted.
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