iPod Touch 2G wont turn on

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    I had a problem with my iPod, it did now change track after a finished song. So I tried to delete all data on my iPod and defaulting all settings, in options on the iPod. All this I did during the night so I could wake up to a nice working iPod.

    But! Now it wont even start. The battery is low on power, so I tried to plug to my computer so it could recharge. But after recharing for a couple of hours nothing happend.

    Then I tried to plug it into a normal socket, but it wont recharge there too!

    So please, can anyone help?
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    I'm sorry if there is poor english somewhere, I'm better at speaking english than writing

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    Never mind, I just made it go to DFU mode, and now I can see it in iTunes

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