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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by Ezekeel, Mar 15, 2009.

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    I am thinking about porting some of my scientific applications to the iPod touch 2G. Searching for information about the hardware I found that it runs a 532MHz processor and 128MB RAM. Concerning the performance of the processor on solving linear equations what desktop PC processor would be comparable? How much of the 128MB RAM can be used for applications and is it possible to get rid of the GUI and other useless junk to make more room?

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    The processor in these devices are underclocked. The reason for that is to reduce the heat created. I don't know specifically about the 2ndG iPod, but the 1stG iPod and the iPhones 2G and 3G each run at about 412 MHz.

    Given the absolute lack of information you gave, that is all we can supply with with for answers. Available RAM varies with your intended end user distribution scheme. Example, if you are making an application for the AppStore, you are bound by the RAM requirements (~25MB, although I've pushed it to ~40MB before the application was killed by the OS). If you are writing the application for personal use, or want to distribute for phones that have been jailbroken, you may use all the memory that your application needs, and are only limited by the amount that isn't being used by other applications. Note carefully though, As soon as all available RAM has been used up, the device will completely reboot. That is one of many places Apple failed.

    As far as what desktop processor is comparable, don't stress too much over that. The iPhone is not just a phone, but a veritable pocket computer. Direct comparisons are valid. The device is equal to itself. Mathematically, you should be able to gather bus speeds from the processor speed I mentioned above.

    And since we know nothing about your app and your actual goals, we can't answer your last question either. If you're designing for the AppStore, then no. You must use UIKit for the GUI. An X window environment has not been ported to the iPhone (although you will find mention of it, as well as far from complete packages). If your aim is to write a CLI app, as it appears, then you must develop for a jailbroken environment. This would automatically exclude you from releasing to the AppStore.

    Given that it is a CLI application, and there's no need to hook into UIKit, then it is that you may code in any language that you want (as long as it's C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, or Java). Using Objective-C and/or Objective-C++ is highly recommended, as it will allow you access to several of the device's fraeworks that would otherwise be inaccessible (barring some easy if/fi statements, should you feel so inclined).

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