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    Now that I have a 2g iPod Touch I need a new car charger. I saw one online that had a jack in the dock to plug in a second (removable) 12v adapter so I could plug my GPS or other 12v accessory into the same charger. It looked like it might work for me, but now I cannot find it! I can't remember if it is made by DLO or Belkin or Kensington or Griffin or someone else, or if it indeed compatible with the iPod Touch 2g. I think it has an FM Transmitter, and pivots to landscape mode, but I am not sure because I can't find it. Does anyone know what I am looking for? Thanks for the help.
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    I found it! it looks like the dlo Transdock Direct has the 12v power socket, but the Transdock with the fm transmitter does not have the power socket. I don't know why they left it out of the higher end Transdock with the IntelliTune fm transmitter, but it looks like it is not there. According to their website, they both work with the iPod Touch 2g, but I don't know if it has been upgraded from the current models at my local Best Buy, or if the models at Best Buy will work with the 2g.

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