Ipod Touch 1st gen 8gb won't be detected

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by AznGotSpice, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Managed to fix it. Sort of. I went to jailbreakme.com from my ipod. Then after it finished itunes detected it.

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    but my computer still doesnt show my ipod when i checked 'my computer' anyone know how to fix that?

    Summary: Any iPod touch won't be detected by 'my computer' or iTunes. Computer still makes beeping noise when I connect iPod and iPod still gets charged. Is deteced by a program called copytrans or something like that.
    So after updating itunes (i dunno if it stopped working right after i updated. may or may not have) itunes just wouldn't recognize it, but my computer still would. Then after putting it in recovery mode. I tried restoring it on my computer since itunes did detect the ipod at that point. BUT when i tried restoring i'd get an error which when i looked it up I think it was some hardware problem. So my little bro managed to restore it for me on his computer.But it still wouldn't be recognized by itunes. I don't know if the computer still detected at that time. So that was about a month ago. Now i can still charge it on my computer. It still makes the noise. but now my computer and itunes both don't detect my ipod. so now it's just a useless paperweight since it has nothing on it. I've tried reinstalling itunes, other usb ports, other cables, restarting the service. OH and i should mention that i borrowed my little bro's ipod and itunes and my computer wouldn't detect those either. I literally built this computer couple months back and it never gave me this trouble until about last month after the itunes update.

    computer/ipod info:
    firmware 3.1.3
    windows 7 64-bit pro
    ipod touch 8gb
    itunes 9.2.1
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    Sorry about the super long post. But I also used another program called copytrans or w/e and THAT detected my ipod touch.

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