iPod touch 1g majorly broken - very advanced question

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by pb7280, Feb 13, 2009.

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    hey ive had my ipod touch for almost a year now, and it just suddenly broke at christmas. all that it did was show the apple logo. recovery mode was non-existent, but it did go into DFU. About 2/3 through the restore (according to the bar displayed on the ipod), it restarted, and i get error 9, 6, 1601, or 1, depending on what firmware i try to restore. I did manage to restore it properly, but after trying to sync it, it just does the same thing. And after that it won't happen again. I took it into an apple store (canada) and they told me that because of a dent on the back that warranty was voided, and then told me to take it to an irepair store. I did, and they told me that it probably accessing the flash drive. i opened it up, since the warranty was voided. it is the 32gb version, and under the hood i could not see any visible defects. but one thing that did disturb me was that the dent is directly placed over top of the left flash chip. I dismantled it, and after putting it back together nothing changed. then for some reason now it doesn't even go into dfu mode, because after holding down the buttons and it turns off it just turns back on too soon, not allowing me time to let go of the power button. It won't turn on when i plug it into my computer of wall usb charger with 3 regular usb cables, but it does turn on with my composite adapter cable. However it won't charge with the cable (ive tried 2 different computers). The only thing that does charge it is my ipod dock alarm clock. Im kind of stuck and i have access to 3 top of the line copmuters, and any OS imaginable. Thx for any help and sry for all the typing

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