iPod Touch 1G battery issue.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Miga, Mar 11, 2009.

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    My iPod Touch 1g had a bottle of water spilled on it a week ago, and I decided to take it apart because the battery was fried. I had a spare iPod Nano battery, and so I took off the fried battery, and held the three wires together on the little solder tips, and it actually turned on to the apple logo. I then decided to solder in the iPod Nano battery for a temporary amount of time, but I made a pretty big mistake. (I'm tired.) I used what's called a "cold heat" soldering iron, which heats up the solder by electricity. Now, my iPod won't show any signs of life with the iPod Nano battery, or anything. The ARM processor gets warm when it's on USB, when it shouldn't be receiving power when there's no working battery connected to the iPod.

    Do you think that something got screwed over in my 1g iPod Touch, or that it's just the battery that got fried? Do you think that having the battery replaced would make it work again?
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    Nevermind, I'm just gonna trash it, I found out it's broken beyond repair.
    If I really want another 1g, I'll just get a refurbished from Apple.

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