iPod Touch 1.1.4 Perfect Ziphone 16G/32G jailbreak tutorial

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    First i am sorry, my english poor, and i use window xp, so i can't promise it working for vista or not, also i use 16GB ipod touch, i don't know other is working or not

    Jailbreak step by step with Ziphone 2.5c :
    Softwares you need:

    1.1: apple 1.1.4 firewire
    download address:http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPod/SBML/osx/bundles/061-4312.20080226.Btu45/iPod1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore.ipsw
    1.2: ziphone2.5c
    download addess:http://www.downloadziphone.org/findme/ZiPhoneWin-2.5c.exe

    1. Restore your ipod touch and update to 1.1.4( back up your music and video)
    2.After finish, eject your ipod touch, turn the power off(hold the power key, slide power off) and unplug ipod touch.ou
    3. Plug in your ipod touch again, open ZiPhone GUI
    4. After iTune open, use ctrl-alt-delete open task manager, open "Process" tab, close :AppleMobleDeviceHelper.exe,AppleMobleDeviceService.exe,iPodService.exe,iTunes.exe,iTunesHelper.exe process; after that ZiPhone should can't find your ipod touch
    5. on ZiPhine GUI, click

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    1) "click to show advanced features", uncheck "Activate" and "Unlock(and repair)" (2)click "click to hide process output"

    Now Start Jailbreak:

    1. Click "jailbreak" button
    2. let your ipod touch into recovery model: hold power key until slide power off, unplug you usb cable, then hold the "Home key", plug usb cable to computer, don't release Home key until your ipod touch restart, and show iTune image on ipod touch screen, screen will change to a little blue color, at same time the ZiPhone will continue working, after you see the output log show the first time: "Working...Please wait 45" then release "home key".
    3. Until ZiPhoneGUI Output Log show second time:"Working...Please wait 45" "DONE",ipod will auto restart, end jailbreak

    If after 3 minutes, ZiPhoneGUI Output Log still didn't show you

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    ONE", and ipod touch screen show you the white word like "BSD root ......" don't worry
    Hold power key and home key same time, shutdown the ipod
    unplug usb cable
    repeat about step 2, try a few times, until the ZiPhoneGUI Output Log show "DONE", AND IPOD TOUCH RESTART.[/B]


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