iPod to PC transfer

Discussion in 'iPod classic, nano, etc.' started by doscherrrrr, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Ok so this isn't about my IPT it's about my iPod Video.

    Earlier this year I had to wipe my computer so I put alot of my files on my iPod because I had no external hardrive. I put of the music on through iTunes and all was good I wiped the computer and what not. Once the computer was ready for the music to be put back on I showed hidden files and folders, blah blah blah... and copied all the music, problem is that it's was all in the 4 letter file and folder name nonsense and now when I go look for a song on my PC it's very hard to search for it. I was wondering if theres any program that can take the iTunes IDv3 or whatever tags and convert the file names back...

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