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    Hello there,

    Yesterday I went through the very panicky issue of my Touch being stuck in restore mode.

    This was quite a problem for me, as it has not been synced with iTunes for about a year...it will not run on the Mac I use.

    I don't know what happened; it was connected to the Mac, charging, and I was running MacMAME in Classic mode to play some Galaga. I looked down at the Touch and saw the dreaded "USB cable into iTunes" screen.

    I tried every way to restore it...found lots of them here--holding buttons, rebooting, etc. To no avail. This includes iphuc, which I compiled into the shell. To top things off, iFantastic, iLibertyx, etc. would not run...probably because I am running MacOS 10.3.9.

    Finally, with access only to UNIX computers at home, I went to a Kinko's to get on a hated Vista machine. I d/l'd iTunes, rebooted to start iPod services (this is important...remember that a machine without iTunes can usually not communicate with your iPod because there are no background processes running to "recognize" it), and ran iTunes with the iPod plugged in. I secretly hoped that an empty iTunes would not simply overwrite my iPod with nothingness.

    ITunes saw the device as a "generic" iPod Touch. I chose "Backup" and the machine churned away backing up my files.

    After I did this, the iPod was back at the usual home screen. I did not have to go into DFU and restore!! Yaay!!!

    Just wanted to tell folks with a similar situation that there IS hope! Being locked out really sucks (especially with the device beeping every time it receives email and being SSHable) but it appears that, sometimes, iTunes really IS the only answer. God I hate to say that!

    And yes, as an "IT Professional" I "deserved" to lose my files...not backing up is stupid x1000.

    Good luck,


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