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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Deqiza Qats, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Why is it impossible to avoid the Apple softwarecheck?

    I think that you think I am idiotic when I say that I think I found a logic in the Ipod software and that even in crooked english!

    But I will do my best to tell it, when you open the “kernelcache.release.s5l8922x” with scribbling-pad you see an endless text like:
    But, I think that Apple made codes out characters like “∉” you write it as “∉” and it means “not an element of” and All these characters has his own intention, I think that Apple used these characters as scripts, but this isn’t interesting.
    You also see a lot of characters like "[][][]" but if you have a program like “ExtendScript” you can see a lot of “hidden” characters (the black marked words were [][])

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    I found that Apple uses probably ASCII codes (American standart code for information interchange)
    You can see a lot of words like ACK, EOT, SOH, SRT etc.
    Here is the list with the description:
    I am not a master with computercodes, but I think if you change some words you can avoid the firmwarecheck.

    Include this part in the IMG3, DFU & s5l8922x files, are the same piece of text.

    I hope you understand my terrible english.(=
    I think probably thinks wich impossible but could it be that my logic is correct?

    (BTW, the same codes are also in the SHSH files.)

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