iPod Screen, bordered by inactive pixels...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Captain*, Feb 16, 2009.

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    ok, before you think this is a dead pixels its not, its something completly different.

    if you can imagine your ipod touch screen off, you get a brown grey type screen all over, well about 4 - 6 pixels in width depending on how bad it is on the given day, this width of pixels which span vertically or horizontaly will not work at all, the ipod screen RESIZES itself around these pixels and i end up with a grey / white edge all the way around or on some sides of my ipod screen, as if the res has been changed.

    I had this problem before but it just went away, it just seems to come and go and its really annoying. However when the ipod is left for a few hours it returns to its normal state and the pixels work... :|

    if it happens again i will leave it on and take a picture, you can then compare to your own ipod touch and see what im on about, otherwise has any1 had this before, if so what did you do and what is it?

    Thanks, Curt G

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