iPod not recognized; says I need drivers.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by zephyrnok, Aug 20, 2008.

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    So, I update to vista recently (expecting hate soon) and I haven't synced my iPod in a while, so I give it a shot.

    I plug in my iPod, and wait. Nothing, except a "You've connected a Camera" pop-up.

    I open iTunes, and there's nothing iPod related, only my library and playlists. I put my iPod in restore mode, and a taskbar pop-up notifies me that it's installing the driver's needed.

    Then it tells me that it needs the CD that came with the software, to install the drivers from there. Of course, I don't have a CD, so I clicked the "I don't have a CD" option, and it takes me to a screen, telling me where I want the computer to search for the drivers.

    I've restarted my computer, and iPod, used different USB 2.0 ports, put my iPod in DFU mode, and now I ask you.

    Right now, I'm going to try reinstalling iTunes again.

    Update: Reinstalling iTunes has failed. I'm searching for drivers again. I believe the one I need is called "USBAPPL.sys, and a different one.

    Update 2: Vista driver search didn't fail this time (second DFU) and I'm restoring.

    Update 3: Weeeeeeellll... DFU mode worked while it was in it, and now it isn't recognized by iTunes, AND it has a white screen.

    I still can't find the driver for "Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)"

    Edit: I give up... I'm going to downgrade back to XP...

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