ipod not recognized by computer!help!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ob2is4me, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Ok so i knw this looks long but i really need help so please bear with me. 2 days ago i got my ipod touch and jailbroke it with the ziphone. everything was fine but every once in a while it would freeze while i was in installer. eventaully it wouldnt open installer at all. i would press it and it would open a blank loading screen then after like 5min go back to the home screen. so i tried restoring it and re-tryied a few times but eventually something would go wrong. so after trying a bunch of times i decided to forget about jailbreaking for a few days. i synced all my itunes and took off the jailbreak. next time i tried to plug it in to my computer it charged but itunes wouldnt recognize it was there! i tried erasing it from the ipod, uninstalling and re-installing itunes, re-starting everything, ect.
    i was talking to my friend and i told him i was going to return it. he said check here before i returned. please help now its so messed up because i cant restore fully and it wont let me rase installer from the ipod so i think it voids the warntee?
    please help

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    did u try forcing it into recovery mode?
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    look at my sig
    comment on that thread if it helped

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