Ipod Nano 2Gigs Problem/Help

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    iPod touch
    Hello People,
    Well My Ipod Touch got Stolen by my Sisters Friends for the 3rd time...

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    So she Was Generous and Gave me Her Ipod Nano 2Gigs Ipod... But i have one problem.
    She has all this hannah montana and like high school musical stuff on it that i dont want lol. Well I go into Itunes and Press Restore But it says : "The Ipod "Jamie's Ipod" Could Not Be Restored. An Unknown Error Has Occured (1401). So Is their any way that i can Force Restore Like on the Itouch? If you can help me out in any way I would Appreciate that Greatly.
    Thanks -iMReMiiX

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    Ipod Info :

    Software: 1.3.1
    Format: Windows

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