Ipod media interface problem (with car input)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by SaMaster14, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Well, I have an '09 Infiniti G37S which has the who Nav/GPS touch screen deal and an Ipod adapter through media interface... If anyone else has the same car, or the same type of thing in their car, has upgrading to iOS4 on your Ipod touch (i have a 2nd gen) affected how the ipod works with your car?

    My ipod was working flawlessly with my car before I updated... but now I'm experiencing these few problems:

    The "shuffle" songs doesn't work properly... it will play like 5 out of 35 songs in a playlist and then say that its gone through all the songs (what I think is happening is that since its on shuffle, when it hits the last song in the playlist it will stop like it reached the end). Also, I can't switch songs anymore using the toggle button on my steering wheel. (and I can't select songs on the touch screen interface either, I need to manually select on my ipod. Also.. before I updated, when I shut my car off it would pause the song and when i got back and turned the car back on, it would resume. Now, the ipod still pauses the song, but I must take out the ipod select continue the song on the ipod itself and then plug it back into the car. (I'm assuming this is the same reason that I can't select songs to play on the car's touch screen... because when i start the car back up, I again can't select 'play' to resume the song (even though everything is there, and showing up on the screen... its just that nothing happens when I select the song)).

    Sorry for the super long post... just kinda listed out the 'symptoms' of the problem.

    thanks for any help!

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