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    I've tried almost everything on this page,

    I'm not sure if I just have some sort of syncing problem with these programs though. Everyone recommends CopyTrans but that said it could only read my files, not write them. Even if it did work, it seems to be about as good for organizing as iTunes.

    iTunes syncs but I may have to plug it in and out. What annoys me is a box always pops up when my ipod is plugged in asking me to transfer pics but there is nothing to disconnect eject or unmount it.

    I really hate iTunes.. it's not good for organizing, it runs like poo, creates doubles of my files, changes information I already corrected after transferring it from my other iPod.

    Originally I used Anapod for my Nano 2g but it was really really buggy. I started using Floola for my Nano 4g and I LOVE it.. I really wish I could have something like Sharepod or Floola work with my iPod Touch 2g 3.0.

    Does anyone know of a program more like those than MediaMonkey/iTunes where it's a huge install file. I like just having a 5MB exe file.. no installation, no bloatware. I'm running Windows XP.

    edit: ok so I'm downloading iFunbox and DiskAid now since they weren't on the list and haven't tried them yet. I tried CopyTrans again.. weird that it finds the ipod and reads from it but can't write.
    iFunBox says "itunes database on this device is not recognizable"

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