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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Retro.Kicks.Ass, Apr 16, 2010.

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    So recentl I've been on a bit of a dTunes/mxTube downloading binge and earlier this morning after I resprung my iPod I was hit with a shocker...
    Y'see, Im a musical persons through an through. Music is literally a part of my life....to maybe a slightly obsessive degree...I shower with it, sleep with it, sit with it, study with it, game with it... Someomes I won't hang out with people because I think their music sucks. I almost literally can't live without it. Anways, when I opened up the iPod app it said
    so I was like "sweet as" and went for a jog for half an hour. When I go back I checked up on it and it was still trying to update my library, which usually takes about a minute and a half to two minutes. I thought it might be going epically slow because of all the downloading I'd been doing so I left it and came back after a shower, breakfast, coffee and more breakfast. So after another hour I checked back up on it and still nothing. I raised an eyebrow and promptly put it into safe mode via SBSettings. This revealed my music library and I though the problem was solved and resprung to 'not safe' mode. Same problem. So then I fired up iFile am headed to /var/mobile/media/iTunes_Control/music.
    All the goods were in the bag. So raising an eyebrow again I killed the iPod process and resprung. After resprung I fired it up again and it says 'no music'. I checked iFile again and it's all there. I know I could probably fix it by connecting to iTunes and removing it all and then throwng it back on. Except I'm at the old mans house house-sitting and my only connection to the Internet is his wifi, which I've used for about a couple of gigs of downloads haha....anyways, anyone know how I could fix it? I'm going home omorrow but nan's paranoid I'll blow up her computer so I probably won't be able to use it and I'm impatient as ****

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    sometimes this happens after a full sync is cancelled in itunes or respring all you need to do is connect it to itunes let it sync and it will be there
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    Same issue happens to me when I cancel a sync. You just need to sync it again. Should solve your problem, good luck!

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