iPod keeps shutting off?

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    Hey guys,
    I tried looking for a specific thread, but couldn't find one.

    Ever since I upgraded to 2.0, my iPod would just shut off at random times when I have it idle.. I have my work email address set up through the Microsoft Exchange, and when I'm walking around the building, I would check my email, and a couple minutes later, I would go to check again but my iPod is completely off. I'd have to hard boot and turn it on again which would take upwards of 10+ seconds and would drain a chunk of my battery life.

    When I upgraded to 2.1, I saw this happen less frequently, still at random times on idle.
    I deleted ALL of my app store apps, and re-installed only facebook and remote. I haven't seen it happen yet. *Crossing my fingers*.

    Could this be due to applications or software corruption?

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    - Ex.
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