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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by left4die, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Ok, this is what's happening to my iPod. I had my ipod jailbroken for few months. and few days ago i downloaded theme and used ifunbox to put it in my ipod. After that my ipod froze. So i turned it off. And turn on Blackra1n. And the picture stayed frozen and did not work.So i restored my iPod. And tried jailbreak again. But it was 3.1.3 and my ipod was 3g so i downgraded it. After i got mine downgraded i jailbraked my ipod. And it worked.But i couldn't find theme folder in my computer so i downloaded program something like asf2c.. or something and i had to reboot it. I turned on blackra1n. And it froze again. Now i can't even jailbreak mine. What is wrong with my iPod?

    My iPod is 3g 8gig.
    firmware used 3.1.2
    please tell me what to do
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    Lastest iTunes version? If you are on 9.1 then you'll need blackbreeze to fix blackra1n.

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