Ipod 4G and Sagem Router Problems

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nilkin, Sep 14, 2010.

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    4G iPod touch
    Well I just got my New Ipod Touch 4G and I am having problems with my connection to Sagem Fast2504 router (provided by Sky) also have a Edimax AP wireless repeater.
    The new Ipod 4G is replacing a Ipod Touch 2G works fine with both routers no issues at all, I have broken down what is going on anyone an idea:

    Sagem Fast Router:

    Connection is OK
    Ping on all Apps and collecting Email is 4000-12000 (takes 1-2mins to check for Emails)

    Edimax AP Repeater:

    Connection is OK
    Ping is 100-150 (takes 3 seconds to check emails)

    Now I have the Old Ipod touch 2G this works fine on both routers and no High Ping..

    I have reset sagem, changed channel, tried diffrent wireless class and changed security nothing works still High Ping..

    I find it strange that the Edimax AP works fine when all it is doing is repeating the signal from the Sagem, this has me totaly stumped..

    Anyone else have an issue or know whats going on ???
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    Ipod touch 4.1 connecting to SAGEM router

    Yeah, I have an issue as well, I think there is something wrong with either the router itself, sky's connection thing, or that some invisible firewall is blocking it. I have windows 7 so?

    This also happened with my old Ipod touch, I sent it to Apple store and after, it worked, but there were un-appealing dents in the sides of the metal casing (where they had taken the casing off) and it took like a week to be returned to me.

    Any help?

    email me at:


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