[iPod 2G]Why DFU Will ALWAYS Work

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    Recently, there have been an overflow of topics saying the same thing. It's a bunch of people that jailbroke without reading anything and then freaking out after their iPod doesn't turn on. This article does not apply to the newer run rs jailbreak method specifically, but will still apply to it.
    The Facts
    DFU Will ALWAYS Work. iTunes will not put a firmware on your iPod that is not capable of DFU Mode. You did not get the one corrupt iTunes and the one corrupt iPod that is the exception, I promise.

    What to Do
    To get in DFU mode after a tethered jailbreak [not run rs needed], just plug your iPod in, and hold down both buttons for exactly 10 seconds. Release the top one after and hold down the home button until iTunes picks up an iPod in recovery mode. DO NOT RESTORE. Close iTunes and run whatever boot process you would from there. YOUR SCREEN WILL NOT TURN ON! No your iPod is not broken, it's not supposed to turn on!

    Final Notes
    Please stop posting topics that are saying your iPod won't go into DFU, because it will. If you searched, you find tons of topics containing this solution, but clearly it wasn't broadcasted enough.

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