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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by HaGGardSmurf, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Is it just me, or do a bunch of the level packs look like they were made by a 4 year old kid using paint?

    Like why release a level pack that looks like you did quite shabby work on the graphics. Well wait, what is the main thing in making a level? Isnt it the graphics? So basically it looks like you did a complete sh*t job on the levels.

    I dont know, but all I know is that I was playing iPhysics on my buddy's iPod today (he is still on 1.1.5, and im on 2.1) and he had like all the level packs... So I was playing a bunch of them, and they all look so bad...

    They look like (and what I think the people did) an idea was though out like oh, lets make it so it looks like your in a kitchen, and there's obstacles everywhere. That's a valid idea, and can be a good level, but the execution of it sucks horribly. Basically what the creator did was find a half assed picture of a kitchen, then they googled "kitchen knife" cut it out in MS paint, then pasted it onto the image. Then did the same for an apple sink etc etc...

    (Note, I didnt play a level with a kitchen or anything its just an example)

    Personally I like symmetry and I like the original levels... The ones where it was most likely made in paint, and they used the box tool and made like buildings in the way etc...

    I dont know about you guys, but the levels now are just plain bad... They have potential but have a bad execution. Yesterday I saw this level:

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    Does that not look shotty? What was done was; a picture of that fish was taken, cut out, rotated, duplicated all over, those cigarettes were put on another layer underneath the fish. A weird door mat was added over the fish, text was added on the mat, a bad looking gas pump was added at the end. The level has potential to be good, but just plain looks bad. (Good idea, bad execution)

    I will still be buying the game for 2.x.x and still do love the game and all the work put into it, this rant is about the sh*tty levels people are making.
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    You do realise that a lot of time goes into making a level pack and your not gaining anything from it, so why bother making the graphics the best they can be?
    You'll make the same money with them sh*t, as you would if they're awesome. Nothing.

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