IPhone will not restore after 3.0

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by N204life, Jun 23, 2009.

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    So everytime i try to restore my iphone it allways gets an error 23 in itunes. So i used redsnow and did all that jazz and it loaded onto the phone and went to the dev team neuter setup and it keeps freezing on determining settings (maybe its cause i havent been able to do a full restore.) But im stuck with all the same old news, it just sits at the connect to itunes screen. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO PUT IT IN DFU, IM NOT A RETARDED I KNOW AND IVE BEEN READING FOR 2 DAYS BEFORE I POSTED THIS. I got it to go to the emergency call screen once and theres no imei or iccc i belive it is. Im just stuck and its annoying. I hope this makes sense.
    In a nut shell its on the connect to itunes screen and wont restore. I have every program known to man right now and have tried them. Let me know what you suggest or if anyone has ever encountered this.
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    Try a different usb port, or a different computer.

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