iPhone vnc server.

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    VnSea is a client; I mean a server. the ability to control the iPhone from a pc or a mac with a mouse and keyboard is very desireable, and opens up a whole range of possiblitys, either by directly controling the iPhone, or porting a gui such as Gnome, will significantly increase the usfullness of the little gadget.

    you may ask, why would I want do that?

    well, why would I want any computer?
    Why would I ever want to vnc into anouther computer?

    Awnser: It enables a range of possbilitys, the little iPhone has a lot of power for it's size, and it is very worth taking advantage of it; also with the built in power we have from the console thanks to Cydia, and with terminal, I could forsee creating a Gnome vnc sesson on the iPod from Terminal, and then vncing into it on the iPhone itself using VnSea, giving a nice usable GUI/OS to use on the go.

    Now; while I can program quite competently, I don't know any languages that would help this happen on the iPhone, [being a high-level-windows baby who only programs in his spare time at any rate] this is an application idea, and nobody ever said it had to be taken seriously, or anyone had to do anything about it.

    I just thought It was a good idea.

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