iPhone/touch 2g performance underclocked?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pb7280, Jan 17, 2009.

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    hi, i recently went on wikipedia to see how much ram the touch/iphone has out of curiosity (which is 128mb btw), and saw an interesting fact. now the proccessor power of the first touch and the first iphone is 412mhz, which i guess was good for what they were at the time (no apps). The ipod touch 2g was bumped to 533 mhz, which is also no surprise considering its the "funnest ipod ever". the iphone 3g has a proccessor with a 625mhz power, but the odd thing is that apple had it underclocked to 400 mhz, until recently upped the clock to 412mhz in a update (im guessing the one that improvees battery life or somehtin, which was 2.1). the main reason for underclocking is most likely battery life, but they're running it at 2/3 its total power! i think they should at least up it to the same as the touch, if not more. i was wondering if there is any app to fix this with an app for people like me who don't really talk much and don't need the battery. of course apple could fix this themselves easily, but that isnt really going to happen. also there is the possibility that they could release a new iphone without giving much notice to it, like they did with the ipod 5.5g. reason im asking this is because im thinking about getting an iphone, but i dont want to get ripped off

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