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    Turn iPod touch into iPhone, (UPDATED TO 3G!!!)

    I know many people have already tried doing this, and it works, but the few I have seen either require modification of files which I probably would ruin, or, just blank category icons themed to be the real thing.

    Well, my theme looks like the real thing, and functions!

    I have made the perfect theme, if you want it, you need all this:

    - Winterboard
    - "Rename" (instructions below, Installer needed to obtain)
    - Cydia (for MMP flip)
    - MobileMusicPlayer flip (get it from the SOS iPhone repo, just search in cydia)
    - The Winterboard theme DOWNLOAD
    - An app for each new iPhone icon, one for Phone (skype), Messages (Beejive IM), and Camera (PhotoBox). I used the Apps in the parenthesis.

    Getting started

    Get the Rename App (Installer Repo: http://www.a27dev.com/installer/repo). Then choose three apps, one for Phone, one for Messages, and one for Camera. I chose Skype (Free) for the Phone app, Beejive IM ($9.99) for the Messages app, and PhotoBox (Free) for the Camera app. Now rename the Apps you chose to "Phone", "Messages", and "Camera" in the Rename app.

    In cydia, there is an app called MobileMusicPlayer flip, This app changes the Music and Videos apps into a single app, called iPod, and it has the new iPhone OS 3.0 icon to go with it. Download and install it. The change wont show immediately, you have to reboot the iPod touch in order for the change to show.

    Now is the time for my theme to be installed. The theme contains the ATT logo and cellular bars, and the correct icons for the renamed apps. SSH it into your themes folder and enable it in Winterboard.

    Now, when you quit Winterboard, your iPod will be themed like the iPhone! And no required changes of files that could mess up your iPod and have to prompt a restore!

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    This is a pic of my iPod! yes, iPod. I put the Contacts app on another page because the iPhone's contacts are built-in to the Phone, and I don't have all the need-know to be able to hack that stuff. So, if you are wondering why the Contacts app is missing, it's just on a different page. Oh, and the AT&T logo looks odd here, I might try to fix in future, for now it's good enough.

    So, hopefully I didn't forget anything, and have fun! Oh, and if there is a theme that you like a lot, it will work with this as well, since the icons will have been renamed and will take on the themed icons.

    Now, this theme works perfectly for me, no problems at all, (I'm on the iPod touch 2G) and hopefully nothing goes wrong with you guys, But because I'm young and don't want to get in trouble I'll say anyway that it is not my responsibility if something goes wrong with your device while using/installing this theme. Nothing should go wrong, but I guess with all human error it can.

    It seems like I wrote a lot here, but it only took me like 45 minutes to create this theme, and this post, so it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to get everything right.

    If I had everything already it would only take like 10 minutes, but it is worth it if you really think so.

    And I don't know if this thread should be moved to the theme releases thread, because it isn't really much compared to all the nice themes in that topic.

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