iPhone Sync Busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 Chipset

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    According to The Register, if you’re running Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7, and your PC has an Intel P55 Express chipset, you’re in for a world of iPhone sync hurt:

    For the past six weeks, complaints from users running this trifecta of pain have been clogging a thread on Apple’s discussion board. The posts report that – in most cases – iTunes 9 for Windows will recognize the iPhone, but when a sync is attempted, users are greeted with a cryptic “error 0xE8000065″ – an iPhone-connection failure notification.

    While not the oldest or most common chipset, and thus not likely to affect a huge swathe of users, those with problems just want them fixed. Microsoft is doing their… um… investigating:

    Microsoft has not seen this particular question posed in the Microsoft Answers for Windows 7 community forum, nor in any of our call centers. We reviewed the issue raised on the Apple Discussion Board and are currently investigating. If we determine this to be a problem specific to Windows 7, we will post an update on the Microsoft Answers site.”

    In the mean time, here’s what’s worked for some:

    * A USB port on a USB card not part of the P55
    * deleting the iPodDevices.xml file from C:\Users username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes
    * disabling Bonjour
    * turning on C-state capability in BIOS

    If you’re having this problem, and if any of these or other fixes work for you, let us know!

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