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    Here's my recent blog post, enjoy

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    "I've been taking notes off of iPod Touch Fans since 1 PM eastern time today, and this is what I've got:

    • Pandora ability to listen to music in background, lockscreen gadget for Pandora has been allowed
    • Multitaskin support for up to 4 applictions, double-tap home to vew on special multi-tasking dock
    • iPhone springboard wallpaper is changeable
    • Performance of Safari not affected by Pandora when it is open
    • VOIP while in Safari, and recieve push notifications of Skype chat
    • When phone is locked, recieve Skype calls!
    • iPod Touch users must pay for firmware
    • Background location API allows for constant updating of location
    • Recieve turn by turn directions while in other applications, such as listening to music
    • When cell tower is switched, you will be notified
    • Asks for location only once every 24 hours for security purposes
    • Push notifications go from 3rd party servers, to Apple Servers, then to your phone
    • 3 API's Local Push, Task Completion, and Fast App Switching
    • Folders now available, drag apps straight onto the folder and get mini-preview of apps inside right on the icon
    • Multiple emails in one inbox (Yahho!, Gmail, MobileMe, etc)
    • iBooks now on iPhone
    • Recieve attatchments in that extend to other apps (opens other apps)
    • Sync bookmarks of books
    • Email encryption added
    • iAds, new advertisement interaction. Ads get 60/40 split
    • Game Center allows for matchmaking games
    • New support for Enterprise of Exchange Server 2010 and SSL VPN Support
    • Ads are made using HTML5
    • 1st gen iPod Touch not supported for 4.0, 2nd gen lacks some features, other phones and iPods have full support (yes, iPad too)

    Thanks for your time

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    Already a overview thread of mine

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