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    hi guys i was checking some other fourms out and i found somthing cool for iPhone users, you can creat ringtons with the Mp3 in your downloads file right in the Phone no cumputer needed. im just going to copy and paste the previse post from the other site. Injoy...

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    ocomar from www.hackint0sh.org/forum

    [Ringtones] New app to convert your mp3 in ringtones directly in your iPhone


    I just found it in frenchiphone forum : it is called Ringtones, it works great and will probably become a must have app.
    You must have installed BSD Subsytem et SUID Lib Fix .
    Add i.danstaface.net in your sources in the installer, refresh and you will find it in the Multimedia section of the installer.

    The first conversion is slow and needs wifi to run and to incorporate one big runtime over the net.
    After the first conversion, it is quicker and smoother and does not need any connection over wifi!
    Your converted ringtones go directly to Settings/Sounds/Ringtone.

    Great app that works in 1.1.3 exactly like SendSong used to work in previous FWs.


    PS : I just found out that you can directly in the app see all your ringtones and edit them with the possibility to delete any ringtone!!!


    tutorial: http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=839


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