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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by daze, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    I've got an iPhone 3GS (16GB) and did a jailbreak (I used blackrain and I also tried pwnage). Jailbreak went smooth. I installed several apps out of the Cydia Store and also bought a bunch of them. So here is my problem:

    Sometimes the lock screen will not accept any touch gestures, like I am not able to push a button on screen (iPod controls) or move the sliders. The iPhone will just not react. But the buttons still will work (volume up/down, Voicecontrol will come up and does react quickly, sleep button works...) I can wait for as long as I want, if my iPhone gets in this mode, it will never accept any touch. The only thing for me do do is forcing shut down an turning it on again (or try to reboot via SSH, which also works. Respring will not work). I need to reset the device twice, only then it will again act normally for a while. As soon as the iPhone refuses to accept my touch, regardless of uninstalling the last (or any) app I installed via Cydia, the issue remains.

    I can not able to point out, what triggers this. I have restored the iPhone countless times to try to find out, which jailbroken app is to blame. I start by installing SBsettings. This app really worked for months without any problem for me. I know Winterboard lets the system crash. And I can definitely provoke this behavior by installing MyProfiles. But even if I don't install these apps, the issue will come up at one point. And I found not one user mentioning the square refusal of the iPhone accepting one's touch. My next test run will be to omit doing a jailbreak after the restore an watch the behavior. It is tedious. I just needed to communicate with you guys about this. Maybe someone DID have the same issue and was able solve it.

    So is there anyone who has had this specific problem? Am I the only one? I found NOTHING googeling about this.
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    I had touch screen issues with my iPhone, and I got a replacement from Apple. Be sure to restore before entering the store, as they will not service a jailbroken phone.

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