iPhone recieved free data w/ data roaming off?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pogoyoyo, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Few things to take into account here before you read this:
    A) im on pay as you go, and i had 80 cents before i used the data, and have 80 cents left after ( it used no money )
    B) Data roaming is off
    C) Im with Fido in canada on a 2g sim card, with 3g enabled on the iphone.. if thats possible?

    So i was at school and i checked my facebook to see if it saved what was on there. To my surprise, it loaded the newsfeed, and it loaded people to chat with, and when i chatted, my friend got the message who was in another computer class. So me being me, i went straight to ootunes and started listening to dubstep, 128kbps stream, and it worked fine and dandy, but stopped once i got home.. i noticed the signal bars had reset themselves, so did the carrier name. And then it stopped giving me data... the data usage is at 2mb upload, 36mb download...
    How did this happen?
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    Its happening again! im getting data again :S?

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