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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hackxyz, Aug 15, 2010.

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    does the 16 gb iphone 3g have the upgraded parts that the ipod touch 3g 32 and 64 gb have??

    and if its unlocked, and i have to restore it for any reason, will it still be unlocked?

    and if i get a sim card, and its unlocked, i can go with any cell phone provider with no contract? what cell phone providers do you guys use? what plans?

    also, is the latest software for iphone/ipod touch jailbreakable?

    and is there anything i should watch out for when buying a used one? i heard some problems about getting locked out or something when connecting to itunes?
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    No, the Iphone 3G does not have the same hardware. The Iphone 3GS has the same/similar parts to the Ipod touch 3rd gen [32GB and 64Gb].

    To the sim card question(s), you should be able to go to any carrier, as long as you unlock the device, and they have a sim card. I use AT&T [so I don't have a purpose to unlock mine]. You might have to get a contract, but I wouldn't know. All of my phones and plans are under contract.
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    If its unlocked and you restore you would need to unlock it again (unless its factory unlocked)

    If the provider you use for your unlocked iphone requires a contract then you would need a contract.

    The latest ios 4.0.2 on iphone 3g is unlocked and jailbroken using redsn0w

    Make sure the used one is good and working. thats all.

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