iphone keeps booting up and then boots again!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by m2marsx, Feb 23, 2009.

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    ok so i picked up a white iphone today off of craigslist and i brought it home and deleted all the guys stuff of the iphone using the "delete and restore factory settings" option.
    now after the 2 hour process i see the apple logo like its regularly booting up and then it goes to a white screen for literally a second. then it boots up again! it keeps doing this.
    i tried putting into dfu mode but it just shuts the phone off and then turns it back on. itunes doesn't even recognize it when i plug it in. any help please?! thanks!
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    ok i tried restarting itunes and unplugging the usb and then repluging it on a reboot of itunes. now my question is how can i restore my iphone with 2.2 firmware? it says it will download the newest software when i restore but i have my iphone in dfu mode! thanks guys!
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    Google "iPhone 2.2 firmware".

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