iOS 3.1 iPhone jailbreaking / Unlocking, Do's and Dont's.

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    After getting my 3GS I have been having fun with jailbreaking, but being a noob with the iPhone and having a iPT 2G for a long time, I managed to break my iPhone within two days by having a complete disregard for the fragility of the iPhone and jailbreaking / unlocking compared to the iPod Touch. So I have compiled a small list of VERY IMPORTANT tips that I would suggest you do / do not do whilst jailbreaking your iPhone / unlocking.


    1) Unlocking an officially activated iPhone.

    First of all, why even bother? You have no need to unlock if your using an official carrier (USA: AT&T -- UK: O2, Vodafone, Orange, Tesco Mobile) and the problems that unlocking can cause on the iPhone on 3.X is not worth the hassle, if you dont need an unlock DONT USE AN UNLOCK. For tethering, install this: (my iPhone on vofafone UK has it activated already)

    2) PushFix

    This is found on Cydia in many different form's the one found on this repo: is a no go. It installs a new push certificate over your unique certificate, this means that everyone who installs this fix will not get there own push but push messages from other people, and other people will get yours. If you are officially activated, you do not need any type of fix as YouTube and GPS has been fixed in blackra1n, those who unlock check this tut out on how to get an UNIQUE certificate:

    3) Signal issues (Cellular)

    Those who are unlocked can expect the issue as the baseband files are modified, my advice look for a newer IPCC carrier file here

    However those who are officially activated, like me, should not have many issues, if you do come across connectivity issues this fix generally works:

    4) Blackra1n / PwnageTool

    The general consensus is, if you have access to the use of PwnageTool use it. You can preserve your baseband, which makes the resale value of your iPhone go up a hell of a lot (in some case $50 - 100 I have seen on eBay) and the Pwnage method of jailbreaking generally has less problems compared to Blackra1n. If you are unable to use PwnageTool - Backra1n does the job well enough.

    5) Tethered / Untethered

    Simple this, if you have a 3GS that's before September 09, you will have the old iBoot so its untethered, if you have a iPhone 3GS that's newer than September 09 you will most likely have a new iBoot so its tethered. You will know its tethered when you try and reboot your iPhone and are presented with the iPhone Connect screen, its easy to boot, just open iTunes and blackra1n and run blackra1n and wait for boot. Much more simple than the 2G jailbreak that was tethered, so dont complain and spam for "I want t3h greenra1n"

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    [iPhone 2G and 3G is all untethered!]

    6) Installing stuff in Cydia

    This is self explanatory, read what you are installing. There is so much stuff on Cydia that will screw up your iPhone, or wont be compatible and so on, just watch what you are installing. It will make your life easier and preserve your jailbreak. I did not think and installed PushFix, took me 3 hours to fix and I was not pleased! If you are careful, you will have no problems, my 2G was jailbroken from the day of the untethered release and only ever restored after every update / jailbreak - so your jailbreak is stable if you know what your doing!

    7) ECID Cydia backup.

    Simple, if your asked, do it. It will save you hassle in the long run if you want to downgrade - you might not ever plan to but just in case take the preparations.


    That's all I can think of for now, so I may add more at a later date. I had to get this information out there, I think some people may find this very helpful if new to jailbreaking on 3.X!!


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