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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ari., Jul 3, 2009.

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    Im on 3.0 unjailbroken, fresh restore, no backup.

    All of a sudden my music doesn't play, the play icon in status bar flashes and skips the song.

    I tried restoring but no fix. I would re-load music back on, but i bought a few albums via the music store and they downloaded fine it seemed.
    I can't transfer them onto Pc or my mac as ituens crahses when iphone syncs with it (reinstalled itunes no fix)

    I tried ocntacting apple but no luck.

    Ive searched and tried every suggestion but no luck. - also, i had 600 downlaods popup in itunes so i can't re-download any song seven if apple re-sent me them.

    Its about 122 downloads but after 122 it repeats

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    and it causes my ituens to crash...

    any help please? sorry if i made no sense, and excuse anytypos to tired to check.

    if anything makes no sense just ask

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