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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RajdeepSingh777, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Dear Ipod Touch Fans.

    A complicated situation.

    16 Gb Iphone 3G.

    Baseband : 2.30.03.
    Firmware : 2.2.1

    Want to Jailbreak and Unlock Iphone.
    To do this, I know I have to downgrade the baseband to 2.28.00,
    by using pHaseBanDowngrader [ and yes, I know I can do this because
    the iPhone was manufactured pre-September 2008 ]

    What I then want to do afterwards is upgrade it to 3.0 Firmware.

    What I want to ask is, can I directly upgrade to 3.0 Fireware without
    directly effecting the baseband, so that I can still unlock and jailbreak it?

    Or do I have to jailbreak and unlock the 2.2.1 firmware, downgrade the baseband,
    and then upgrade to 3.0? Or can you not have a jailbroken, unlocked iPhone running 3.0 Firmware?

    That's about all the questions I have right now

    : P any help will be greatly appreciated.

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