iphone Brick, Itunes Upgrade & Jailbreak Issues

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    iphone Brick, Itunes Upgrade & Jailbreak Issues

    I bought a refurb IPhone from ATT sale.

    I put it up to ZiPhone followed instructions and the damn thing kept going on forever. (I did not see this until later but it was on version 1.02 & probably needed to update to 1.1.4 first - MY MISTAKE)

    So, I ended up cancelling the DO IT ALL on ZiPhone.

    After that the phone went to being a brick. So I googled & found downloaded the iBrickr to unbrick the phone from commandline and boot it.

    Now it boots. For some reason now, whether or not I try to UPGRADE it using ITunes it wont happen.

    I think I might have tried a couple of combinations of buttons on the ZiPhone to change MODES - DFU, Recovery, Normal.

    I've bricked it a couple of times doing this and then recover using iBrickr (unbricking commandline).

    Now, I am guessing that the following MAJOR steps are something I need to do. I could be wrong so please advise:

    MAJOR PHASE 1: Get phone back into MODE that allows me to upgrade using ITunes
    MAJOR PHASE 2: Upgrade using ITunes
    MAJOR PHASE 3: The Jailbreak using ZiPhone

    Is this right?
    What should I do to ensure the above PHASES work..?
    What are the DETAILED steps I should take in PHASE 1 to get to the RIGHT mode - Ala Fresh IPhone that will connect via ITunes cause right now it does not.
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    STEP 1: Go into Recovery Mode (hold power + home until reboot, release power at apple logo)

    STEP 2: Upgrade to newest firmware (1.1.4)

    STEP 3: Do It All

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